Friday, December 2, 2016

Shakeology VS Plexus ... just because its pink doesn't make it better!

Yes PINK is the coolest color in the world in my opinion. And the whole thought of consuming a pink drink totally tickles me....PINK!

But is it really healthy for you?! How does it compare to Shakeology?! Well, since I've had a few messages from people asking me since I posted Isagenix VS Shakeology, let me break it down for ya.

Also before I continue, if you are going to argue that my comparison is "laughable" and "false" please back it up with facts. Because facts is all I'm stating. The cold honest sometimes harsh truth is what my blog is about. 
You go to any ambassador's site, and someone or their mother has lost 30, 40, or even 100 pounds with Plexus! The worst is Facebook! Half of FB is stuffed with Plexus rainbows! I support these women cause I know how it is to run your own business but lord knows I vomit a little when I see their posts about it.
I recently was messaged by a friend of mine who sells Plexus after posting about being finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. Who claimed Plexus could "cure" my hastimoto's. She was telling me to drink the magic pink drink, along with the P96 Protein Shake along with other shit they offer. 
First off, if this person really knew much about Hashimoto disease, they would have known that soy is NOT okay for most Hashimoto people to consume ... P96 contains soy. It also contains dairy which I can't tolerate due to lactose intolerant. 
Plexus Slim is gluten-free and Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. Oh, well at least there’s that.
I'm not buying the snake oil.

Plexus has NO nutritional value so it can’t actually be compared to Shakeology because Shakeology is NOT a diet drink. Shakeology is hands-down the healthiest meal of the day - a daily dose of dense, superfood nutrition.

Plexus Label  VS Shakeology Label

This company relies on the uninformed consumer to make their money off of. The makers of this product do not do enough of their own research and will grab at whatever buzzword they can feed you to get your money. 

They removed the appetite suppressant Hoodia when it became controversial for it’s lack of scientific evidence to back up its claims. They also removed DMAA from their accelerator formula after comparisons to the side effects of ephedra eventually led to a government ban on the substance. 

Plexus Slim's main ingredient is Chromium. What is chromium? It is metal. Its that simple. Chromium exposure is safe for some adults up to about six months. Extended Chromium exposure is directly linked to dizziness, headaches, liver damage, kidney damage, and is NOT safe to be consumed when pregnant or breastfeeding! 

WAIT! WHAT?! So you want me to put something into my body that contains a metal and I should stop consuming it after 6 months because it can lead to other issues?! Um, no thank you.

Here's another weird thing about Plexus. Previously, you could buy Plexus Slim off, but after unbelievably bad reviews and the presence of the banned chemical dimethylamylamine, Amazon completely removed the product off their site! You cannot buy it on Amazon anymore. 

I brought this up to my "friend" and she twisted is by saying its just like any other MLM business and its illegal to sell those products on sites like Amazon. Funny, cause Beachbody isn't BANNED from Amazon...I checked the banned list, nope only Plexus. 

Check it out for yourself: Plexus Amazon Banned List
Now this was the weirdest thing.
When I went to the official plexus website looking for their company info/their story, like any normal person I expected the first thing to be about their company and products that make a difference in obese people.
Guess what?
The first line on their "our story" page completely gives away the primary focus of the company = money making scheme!
Here's an actual pic straight from their "our story" page…

Here's an actual pic straight from Beachbody's "out story" page...

Now, the cost...

Most people report needing 2 doses of Plexus Slim in a day. Even more people report they take the other Plexus supplements like “Accelerator” and it costs them around $150 a month by the time they get all the add-ons they recommend for “Optimal Results”.

WHY do people want to waste their money on a very expensive product that provides them NO nutritional value, suppresses their appetite which in turn can seriously affect their metabolism, provides possibly unsafe levels of ingredients, etc?! 

Eat real food. Eat the right amounts of real food in the correct portions. 

Here’s the thing: Shakeology is not an appetite suppressant. It’s also not necessarily a meal replacement shake (not on its own, anyway). 
If we’re speaking in terms of caloric needs, you have to mix other things in with the powder in order for the calorie levels to get high enough for it to serve as a meal replacement. It is not a diet drink. 
It’s meant to serve as a boost of protein, vitamins, and minerals because a lot of people don’t get what they need from the foods they eat. It will not target your fat cells over your muscle cells. What it will do is make you feel a million times better. You will have more energy. You will see reduced sugar cravings. You will become more regular because of the probiotics. Your hair and nails will become healthier (hooray biotin!). 
And, you can pair it with a workout and nutrition program that has already accounted for it to make a genuine lifestyle change.

All in all, Plexus Slim MIGHT work for a minor few. We don't know who these 'few' people are. It might be you, yes, it might work for you. But do you really want to spend $150/month for the next 6 months to find out?
I am sure if you're sane, the answer's A BIG NO!

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