Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Meeting #2 with the Nutritionalist...

Since the last time I met with my nutritionalist, I've found out that I have Hashimoto Disease. And because I am who I am, I began instantly researching the shit out of it. I kept reading about people going gluten free and eliminating eggs from their diets. So that's what I had planned on doing but of course wanted to hear the nutritionalists point before I went too hard core.

She was very helpful and gave me loads of info. Based on my symptoms and where my bloat is (top of the belly, not below) she doesn't believe its a gluten issue at all. She said "gluten free" is such a fad that EVERYONE is quick to jump on it but gluten isn't always the issue. She said really the only people who really should go gluten free are people with Celiac Disease.

We already know that lactose is a huge trigger for me, so I limit any dairy. I drink Almond Milk in my shakes instead of regular or lactose free because its less calories and just as good. I rarely eat cheese and I'm not a yogurt fan. I get my calcium by eating other whole foods, shakeology and a women's multi-vitamin.

Because she believes my stomach issues are IBS related she's having me increase my fiber by taking a fiber supplement for now. I'm also going to start adding a probiotics vitamin too because my system tends to just flush everything out that I eat.

She also gave me a FODMAP (see below an example)...

That she wants me to experiment around with and see if we can figure out what exactly my triggers are. The big triggers on it are: lactose, fructose, fructans, galactans, and polyols. I'm not suppose to cut all of them out but to start food journaling what I eat and how I feel afterwards and the next day. 

Its a process but I'm all about healing my gut and getting to the bottom issue. I love that my nutritionalist is all about teaching me and not just saying "don't eat this or that". She actually listens, which is what I need. She's also excited that I'm going to see an endocrinologist because they will run more tests and see if anything else pops up that my regular dr hasn't caught. 

2017 will be my year...I just know it!

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