Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Chaos & Craziness Made a Baby Named Gratitude!

Chaos took Craziness by the hand and they started dancing in the middle of the floor. That has been my life as of lately. One big ol’ chaos & crazy dance party. 

I feel like I've been spinning in circles for a good month now. The holiday months are so busy for us and as the New Year approaches it doesn't seem to be slowing down much LOL. Welcome to life chaos yells as craziness does the twist. 

And while I crave slowness & stillness, my bones feel full of gratitude. My bones feel full of gratitude for so many individuals. Individuals who came into my life just weeks ago. Individuals who have been friends & family since I started my business adventure.

This post is for all of you. It holds my gratitude. My love. My need to each & every one of you. My need to breadcrumb a trail of thankfulness for the ones who have pushed me, dared me, and believed in me enough to support me as I followed my dreams.

It ain’t ova yet… Truly, it is just starting.

First, first, All Of You For all my social media followers. My challengers {aka clients}. My team {Team Passion & Team Believe}. My supporters. My Believers. My encouragers. You keep me going. You make me see the value in my work. You challenge me. You keep my hands full of gratitude. I treasure you & your dedication to me in an always & always sort of way. Hold tight, much ahead.

& to the Spirit of the Universe - I deserve nothing of this. But I am so thankful that you filled my hands. You’ve blessed me with soul & purpose, is there thankfulness enough in this world for that? I love how when I'm second guessing my path of this business you are quickly to remind me that THIS is the right path. For that I am forever thankful.

William {the love of my life} -I know I don’t say it nearly enough but Thank You. Thank you for the endless support. You've showed me love that I never knew existed. A love that never falls away. Never stops growing. You bring me laughter & clarity. I am endlessly grateful to call you my husband, my lover, my best friend.

My Children {Courtney, Logan, Sebastian & Rowan} - I would not be who I am today with you four. You have made me who I am today. I am so blessed to have not 1 but 4 children who are just so amazing in their own way. You are the reasons why I work so hard. You four are my biggest why. I'm building this legacy for you 4. My four beautiful minions.

PaigeI honor you. I look up to you. I never go a day without thinking of your mentorship. Thank you for being leaders & beacons in my life. And for helping me hold my mission high up to the world.

There are numbers & numbers of folks to thank beyond this teeny blog post. Please know that this is not the fullness of my list or the end of my list… I would be here forever if I were to list everyone. For all your impact, your support, your love, and your spirit…. I am scripting a language of gratitude to you. 

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