Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Goals for November

I love setting goals each month. They help me stay focused. I didn't write out my goals for October and you guys I felt like something was missing all month. I didn't have any drive or direction. I honestly just think I’ve been so focused on the present that I’ve forgotten to plan for the future. October was VERY VERY busy for our family and it just got away from me. Sunday I was looking back thinking "where did the month go. I didn't really accomplish anything this month and that's not okay with me". So I sat down and wrote out all my goals for November. Typically I just write down like 5 goals but I've decided to break my goals down into different categories this time and see how it goes.

Here are my November goals...

Wake-up & Bedtimes

  • Bed no later than 1030pm (unless its a date night)
  • Wake Up for Miracle Morning EVERY MORNING at 430am
Love Life
  • One Date Night Out (w/o the kids)
Must Do's
  • Start Christmas Shopping (mid-month)
  • Under Our Bed
  • Our Sweater & Hoodies
  • Pack Away the Halloween Decor & Put out Thanksgiving Decor, Day after Thanksgiving Decorate for Christmas
  • 4-5 Days a Week Running at NEW Run intervals
  • 5 Days a Week Weight Lift (Body Beast)
  • Try to enjoy the outside when not raining since winter is slowly approaching
Preschool/Lil Boys Daily Entertainment
  • Sign Sebastian up for ABCMouse
  • Plan some Art Activities
Business/Team Passion
  • SC5
  • Ruby Coach
  • Go Strong in 3 Currently Active Groups
  • 3 New Coaches
  • 3 New Clients
  • Team Call Mid-Month
Do you set monthly goals? If you don't would you like to? Do you need help on starting?

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