Thursday, November 3, 2016

Emperor’s New Clothes --- I just called him out!

I'm the type of girl that will research the crap out of everything. I want to know the good, the bad, the ugly. Espiecally if its something I'm putting into my body or my families body. There's a new shake program that everyone is jumping on board with. I've had a handful of people try to solisate it to me. {No thanks I'm good} And I've even had a few potential clients & clients ask me what I knew about it. 
Here's the thing, its new and shiny and promises GREAT things! But everybody’s too afraid to expose what it really is in case they look stupid. This shake/company says: 
"For 4 days every month you should eat nothing but these super sized ovaltine like drinks and drink this imitation metamucil stuff. For the rest of the month just drink 2 shakes a day and eat one meal a day.”
WHAT?! Okay wait one fucking second.
The weight loss that comes from following a plan like this isn’t from some super dooper magic formula. It’s called “I just lost a bunch of weight cause I ate my food through a straw and then starved myself” formula

Jeezus People. What the crap are y'all thinking?!

Sure – there might be some super overweight unhealthy people and this shake/company is a good start for them. But what about those for whom this shake/company DOES NOT work …. What about those who become fatter than they were before? And then blame themselves for failing and not the diet !?!?

I get messages all the time saying: “How dare you stand up for what you think is right – You’ve lost my respect – you’ll never get me as a client!” 
While we can all play the "let me think about it", “there’s no right or wrong” or “if it makes them happy what’s the harm in it?” game  …. A million dollars every day gets spent on weight loss products that are either unsafe or ineffective . 
While monkeys get tested in laboratories, children get sold into the sex slave trade and people sleep homeless every night A MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS A DAY is spent on weight loss products that are either unsafe or ineffective. 
Are you okay with that? If you are – then you were never my client anyway. Because I’m not okay with that. So I won’t be playing it safe. And I won’t be shutting up any time soon.

You don’t need a magic pill or potion to become healthy. And that's what I LOVE about Beachbody. We don't just sell a shake and tell you to drink it twice a day and only eat one actual meal a day. NO! We bundle nutrition and fitness together. Shakeology isn't just another protein shake or just another meal replacement shake. Shakeology is actually a SUPERFOOD shake designed to give you the best nutrition possible. It has things that you could never get at even some of the most advanced health food stores, let alone afford then figure out how to make. I would also be SUPER careful about what protein shake you ARE drinking. A LOT from GNC, Wal-mart, target, etc have some pretty scary bonding agents in it that are known to cause diseases. You get what you pay for. I found a bunch on them on google and to my surprise all of them were in the “clean” protein shake my husband was drinking. Not to mention it also does the job of a protein shake, a natural juice and multivitamin. :) So you can replace all of those with peace of mind.

“You are so rude and judgemental. If this product is helping a woman feel better about herself, helping her to fit into her favourite pair of jeans, helping her feel sexy again, then who are you to take that away from her?”

ACTUALLY ... If you think selling overpriced skim milk powder to make someone feel better about themselves is OKAY – then therein lies the problem.

Women don’t have to buy shit to make themselves feel better about themselves, nothing else than nature can’t provide.
Committing to nurturing her body in positive ways, by eating real healthy food {cough cough...shakeology}, moving her body often {cough cough...beachbody awesome workouts} and speaking to herself  lovingly {cough cough...personal development} - THAT is what makes a woman feel sexy.
Saying that a woman must subscribe to gimmicks, to fad diets – THAT Is the culture that creates this bullshit epidemic of women unnecessarily feeling inadequate, under appreciated and unworthy .
I show a woman that she is born with the power to heal herself – without buying a magic pill or potion or wraps – I say – who are YOU to take that away from her? 

Theses "other" companies are telling people that they need to cleanse your body using their products.

Okay let’s not go into the murky waters where colloquialism meets science and start hurtling around misquoted studies that tells us we need to “cleanse” our bodies.
Bottom line – can you “cleanse” your body of inflammation WITHOUT buying $570 worth of product in your first month and then $300 a month ongoing. Wanna know how???
Stop eating so much crap. Eat more real foods. Drink more water. Have more green stuff.
Sure, you might need some “SUPPLEMENTS” to help you along – but you don’t need “MEAL REPLACEMENT” shakes twice a day to replace your food. Seriously, life’s too short to drink your food.

These "other" shake companies products can cause inflammatory reactions that get swept under the rug.

The main ingredient in these shakes is skim milk powder. You can buy that shit for $3 a kilo at the supermarket. There’s hardly any protein in these shakes – but it’s touted as apparently “it’s nutrition in it’s purest form”
There’s Facebook forums full of people who say “These shakes are giving me a cough” or “Look at this rash my body suddenly appearing all over me”
The responses range anywhere from :
“Oh, that’s just the toxins leaving your body” to
“Oh you must be doing something wrong” to
"Go see your Doctor – there must be something seriously wrong with you!”

Ummmmm Hmmmmm how about “That’s just an inflammatory reaction to powdered dairy and those shakes are making you sick!”

But No – nobody wants to affect their downline and choke up their cash cow.

Everybody’s worried about speaking out in case they offend their "other" shake or wrap friends. 

When I inform my clients and potential clients what I know about these products they always respond with ... "Why haven’t I heard of anyone saying this about {said product} before”. 
Trust me, I am just one in a sea of angry voices who feel they have been duped one time or another. So why don’t they speak out?
It’s like Scientology – nobody wants to publicly insult their friend and nobody wants to deal with the consequences of speaking out. People start to get personal when you threaten their career and livelihood with rationale and logic. 

But I don’t care. I have a bigger mission at hand.

I love my friends, I don’t love the other shake companies, the magic pill companies and the wrap companies.
I know you just want a better life for you and your family. But that doesn’t mean your these other products are the only way to do that.  
“You are just being a hater when all I’m trying to do is help people"...EHHH WRONG! It’s not helping people if what you’re showing them is not a legitimate, inexpensive long term solution. You are with a shit company that is all about masquerading as health. 
The difference between educating yourself and buying one of these other companies gimmick products is that once people know and understand the principles – they don’t have to continue paying for more education .
These other companies products only works for as long as you keep paying. Improving your knowledge around food and health is an investment that has a lifetime return. 
Did you know that 95% of people who diet regain the weight they lost in 1 to 5 years? 
So if the weight is going to come back on – why not just invest that $300 – $500 a month into a vegetable garden, or an exercise program you love and see yourself doing long term? {Cough cough...Beachbody's Awesome Workouts} Our bodies have the innate ability to heal ourselves once you understand what they really need.
I am perfectly happy to debate with anyone about their point of view on a social media tussle in a mature manner. But I’m not interested in going around and around in circles if you can’t get straight to the point.

The aim isn’t to convince the other person to change their mind – but rather to educate my audience. (For all of those getting their popcorn out and watching the comments go on and on – that’s right I see you!)
Eventually though, when people stop making sense, they get frustrated with me and that’s when they start making references to my personal character.
“You are ignorant!”
“You are an egotistical bully!”
“You are a waste of time for all women!”
“You are an ass hat!”
And my all time favorite "Shakeology is just as bad!" Oh yeah PROVE IT!
Funny thing is though – I don’t care what they think of me – it says more about them than it does about me. Regardless – my agenda is much bigger than that. I go in to battle for my tribe. For the women in my tribe who are breaking down their BS excuses, and finding their self worth through a healthy lifestyle. 

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