Sunday, October 9, 2016

Your Inner Mean Girl is a Lying C**t!

Why is it that we tend to be wayyyy harder and more critical on ourselves compared to everyone around us?

We’re so gracious and loving to others yet when we step in front of a mirror we pick ourselves apart.
We pinch and pull at our bodies trying to see what if would look like if only we could nip here… and tuck there.

Am I right?

We complain about our bodies, get frustrated, swear we’ll be better tomorrow and then… same thing happens. It’s like fucking groundhogs day with our personal self care and leaves us feeling disappointed….every…damn…time.
Have you been there?
I get you. Been there done that.
Here’s what I’ve learned…
When we look at our bodies with disgust and disappointment we treat ourselves how we view ourselves. If we feel like trash, we treat ourselves like trash. We think we’ll love our body.. “when I’m 10 or 20 lbs lighter.”
The reality is that when we apply love and pride to something we get phenomenally better results.
So when we begin to show gratitude and thanks to what our bodies do for us each day NOW… we start to treat it better. That has to start TODAY, not when you get to your goal.
It’s a mindset shift. 80% of our results in ANY area of our life are physiological and only 20% tactical.
Lucky for you… I can help with both.
It’s not always easy when you’ve been living with that inner mean girl (or boy) most, if not all of your life.
Here’s what I want to do to for you… I’m hosting a 30 day challenge where we’re going to work on your internal and external habits.
Gone are the days that you avoid summer clothes, magical moments with your family or friends because of inner shame.

Imagine finally walking into a dressing room and feeling your shorts or new summer dress just slide over your hips and the pride you’ll feel when you say, “I did it and it feels DARN good!”
If you’re ready to put that inner mean girl down and let the best you rise to the surface, drop your email below or email me directly at (I have room to work with 10 new people in a virtual support group. First come, first serve.)
I’ve got your back!

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