Monday, October 24, 2016

My Top Ten Ways Not Be Successful...

My top ten list of ways to not be successful in direct sales. Basically things that I did when I was first starting out that I wish I had not done, haha. But hey we live and we learn right?! I want to share this post today to give encouragement and support to those who are just starting their home-based business or for those who may be struggling!

I am by no means a direct sales expert, simply a women with a dream and a home business.
I believe that to be great at anything you must be willing to learn and grow as I go. So to help you learn and grow I thought it would be fun to share my top 10 "DON’T DO'S" that I have learned over the last 15 months in hopes it will save someone a bit of time or frustration starting out.

10. Don't Just Focus on Yourself - Focus on Others

When I started with my business I constantly focused how much money I would make on selling this or that, how much recruiting a new team member would benefit me and how doing this or that would help me rank up within the company.
Then one day I snapped out of it and realized, my benefits would come back to me tenfold when I focused on how to best HELP every around me. Helping others reach their personal health/fitness goals and or financially goes in the long run meant a bigger paycheck for me but the joy I felt just helping and leading my team was so much more rewarding. 
Sharing the opportunity, training new team members, making sure they were successful and felt a sense of accomplishment with their business & helping them reach personal and business goals in their lives – meant building a successful, close knit team, forming new friendships & growing my business. It’s important to focus on yourself from time to time, but remember it’s not all about you all the time. Give back to others & the rewards will be even sweeter!

9. Don't Be Something or Someone You Are Not

My first 100 emails I sent out were terribly awkward & very uncomfortable for all involved.
I read copied from a script (which is perfectly fine if you need to!) but it sounded like a pre-recorded message or was not how I spoke in real life. Every time I sent a message I felt rigid, nervous, and awkward. When you send an email while feeling that way the universe feels it. And the person receiving it totally picks that vibe up too. Each time I would sit there hoping no one would ask any questions or want more information on anything. Sad, I know but its the truth. I just wanted responses like "Heck yeah, sign up me" or "Hey here's my money do as you please". I was so ridiculous. No wonder I struggled in the beginning. I wasn't having fun and being true to myself while sending these messages. 
As I began to learn and grow thru youtube video's, podcasts and personal development books I began to relax and be the real Mandy. I was myself – no script, no robotic sales pitch, just Mandy….and I actually now have a BLAST talking to others! 
People like real, approachable and sincere.

8. Don't Be Embarrassed

I can remember telling people who asked me what I did or where I was working and I'd totally leave out that I'm a fitness/health coach & personal trainer. I'd say “Oh, I'm just a stay at home mom.” Which wasn't far from the truth, I just left out what I passionately do every day and how I make an income while being home with the kids. 
The truth was, I was embarrassed to share with them what I was doing. I thought for sure they would take off running for the hills or laugh at me. I had that stigma that home businesses didn't work stuck in my head & I didn’t want people to avoid me, afraid I would try to “recruit” them or sell them shit they didn't want.  
In reality, I would have had a lot more success early on if I would have shared what I was doing with everyone who asked me! Be proud of your company, your product, and your choice to be a direct seller.  If you aren’t busting at the seams excited about your business & ready to share it with the world, you may not be in the right place!

7. Don't “Vomit” On Others

Vomiting is the best way I can describe it this, seriously. In #8 I talked about how to be open and excited to share your new business with everyone — now I’m going to tell you not to overstay your welcome or VOMIT it all over everyone.  
Sharing is caring ... but vomiting is just gross.
Sharing your business and products is one thing, but people like to have relationships based on trust, compassion, and fulfillment.  Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram constantly about your business, begging for hostesses or bribing someone to join you is not appealing and will only make your followers overlook your posts.  Only about 10% of your posts should be directly business related, everything else should be engaging, fun, and help to create a relationship with you and your followers.

6. Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

I began my business with so many ideas – great ideas at that! I wanted to create an online following via Facebook & Instagram for my business, I wanted a customer newsletter, customer loyalty program, wish list service, personal & team webpage, birthday card list…the list went on and on.  Many of these things I do currently but trying to launch a successful business with all the bells & whistles immediately was a recipe for disaster. I over-promised and under-delivered on so many of my “projects”.  
When I sat back and focused on building relationships and sponsoring new members for a few months it seemed like everything fell into place at the right time.  Don’t worry if you don’t have an awesome newsletter or a really cool customer punch card – you can worry about all those little extras when you get the basics under your belt! 

5. Don't Focus On The Money

Goal setting is so important to your business & having specific, dollar amount oriented goals are a great way to plan and operate your business. BUT your financial goal shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on with your business. Make sure you set personal goals, educational goals, fun goals.  Balancing the money side with the personal fulfillment will allow you to enjoy your business so much more – and when you enjoy what you do it definitely shows!

4. Don't Expect Instant Success

Direct sales isn’t an overnight get rich gig. If it was don't you think we'd all be millionaires by now!  Building a customer base, training and leading a successful team, learning the basic of your business, booking, and sponsoring skills takes time and energy. 
I have seen so many bright & determined individuals jump ship when they didn’t see the success they wanted in a few months. And it kills me! I just want to shake them silly and tell them just to "keep going...don't stop now". Slow & steady wins the race – don’t give up if you don’t see instant results. Create short term goals for yourself & make sure you celebrate when you hit those milestones in your business. This will give you lots of be proud of as you work toward your larger goals.

3. Don't Make Excuses

You are the only person who is ultimately responsible for your success (or lack of) and YOU are the only person who can make a difference in your business.  When my challenge group had zero challengers in it – I made excuses left and right on how everyone was just too busy, no one was spending money right now, and I didn’t know anyone to ask to join me……  
If I had spent the time that I had used coming up with excuses on making calls, sending emails, working my business and getting out in front of new customers I probably would have had my challenge group filled in no time at all! When I sat down & got real with myself, telling myself I needed to start helping others & stop making excuses — that’s exactly what happened!
BTW, Excuses are my biggest pet peeve. I roll my eyes so hard when I hear an excuse from anyone. Absolutely my biggest pet peeve. Don't tell me an excuse just tell me the real reason...YOU ARE SCARED!

2. Don't Just Wing It

I never knew the huge impact that having a business plan and goals could have on my business until I sat down and wrote them out for myself! If you don’t know where you are headed with your business, how will you ever know when you get there? 
Creating an overall plan for my business with short-term and long-term goals took me a bit of time, but now looking back I have no idea how I ran my business when I wasn’t able to compare or measure my success.  Even if your goals are something simple such as “I will help 4 new people each month for the next year” – it gives you something to focus on and something to work toward.  
If you don’t have goals in place and aren’t able to hold yourself accountable for reaching those goals, what will motivate you to grow in your business?

1. Don't “Hoard” The Opportunity

The biggest breakthrough I think I’ve had with my business was when I was introduced to the concept that the business opportunity with your company should be presented and treated as another product you have to offer. {MIND BLOWN, RIGHT?!}
I was always too shy and felt pushy when I mentioned the business opportunity, but then I realized that by NOT sharing this amazing opportunity that my mentor shared with me, I’m being selfish. You never know how your business could impact someone’s life!
More than anything – just remember not to be hard on yourself, you are learning as you go and you will be constantly improving your business practices and growing as a person.  If something works for you – don’t change it and don’t worry about what others are doing. 
Your success is your own & isn’t measured by anyone else!

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