Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Goal Digger 2017

I've been thinking and obsessing A LOT lately about what I want to accomplish in 2017, and I've already started hashing out my goals and intentions even though we still have 2 months before 2017 even starts. I prefer to go in prepared! Haha! There is a LOT going on this coming year, so I feel a lot of self imposed pressure to have all my goals and dreams beautifully organized with made to match action plans and long term and short term objectives. But it's not that easy!

It's freaking hard to set goals and follow through. This is why only 8% of people actually achieve their New Years Resolutions

It's really scary to trust yourself enough to set a long term goal because who knows what will happen! The great unknown is a big obstacle.

Will I actually be able to make this happen? 

There's only one way to find out. Obviously you have to have faith and give it your best shot, but the fear of failure can be self sabotaging and my own fears have been holding me back.

I'm obsessed with the big picture and long term dreaming and visioning, but I also struggle with a lot of self doubt, which prevents me from setting and accepting really big scary goals. When I decided to start my business and to follow my dreams in the fitness field, I was surprised to discover that my self doubt hit me even harder and stronger than ever before!

You would think being self employed that I would have complete control over how I spend and manage my time but let me tell you, someday I don't. And its because I have two little ones who are still home with me all day...every day. Some days it feels more like a curse but some days its a blessing. Some days I just throw my hands in the air and say "fuck it" and veg out on the couch with the kids because they need all my attention and that's what they are going to get. Yes, this makes being self employed very difficult but its okay because I'm my own boss and just like everything else. I know this time, this stage, this season soon will pass. By September 2017 Sebastian will be attending Kindergarten and the baby will be attending nursery school 15 hours a week, so then I'll have more focused time to work. 

I am a chronic over thinker and I hate the unknown. I hate not knowing what to expect, I don't know what my end goals should be. I don't know how to plot out the details and baby steps and its because I'm not able to see exactly where I'm going.  

Sooooo yeah. All this is what I've been dealing with this week, HA! But I'm starting to finally feel like I'm developing a plan. I've discovered mentors who have amazing perspectives on goal setting, and I've found some resources that are pretty useful so far! Once I get my year mapped out, I'll share it on here. I'm hoping to have it complete by December. 

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