Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Why Not Me God?!"

A year ago I was in one of the most frustrating months of my life.

I was watching people pass me by and I was being consumed with jealousy, bitterness, resentment. I had many moments where I’d be in the middle of a workout and wind up with my face buried into my hands sobbing, wondering, “Why not me God?”
One morning recently I was on a run (like most days), trying to let go of some of my frustrations and it hit me. I wasn’t co-creating WITH God. I was holding on to control of everything. My business, my finances, children, marriage…

During the middle of my run I had a revelation that brought me to complete stop on my treadmill in tears.

I needed to surrender and put it all in his hands. I was trying to do it alone. My ego said I could, and should. My spirit said, “Surrender. Let go. Let God.”

Since that day of surrendering, I've seen a huge shift within my business.

I have to surrender daily. It’s not a one time deal. You have to wake up EVERY day and put your goals, hopes, dreams, prayers into God’s hands with total faith that he’ll multiple it.

I think the word hope and faith are totally different. Hope leaves room for error. Faith is 100% all in for God.

You can’t be kinda shorta all in. There is no 99% option. It’s 100% or nothing.

Are you co-creating with God? Can you do that alone?

I realized today that now more than ever I know my purpose isn’t to give people fish to feed them. While giving is my love language and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to give, that doesn’t teach people how to live a lifetime of abundance. My purpose is to teach people to fish. To help them create wealth, stability, abundnace, joy… BUT…to teach them to co-create it all with God. Because that’s when miracles happen!

What’s one thing you’ve been holding on to, trying to control?

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