Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thyroid Madness & New Dr!

So if you follow me on FB or IG you probably saw my picture of our two little boys and me talking about how I survived my first alone trip to Norwich. Don't judge me. Norwich is a big scary town. And when you are in a US spec mini van driving on the wrong side of the road with crazy UK drivers it gets very intense. 

Anyways, if you saw my pic and read the description you would have saw that I mentioned the reason we were up there was for a dr appointment. I finally had enough of my PCM (military dr) telling me there is nothing wrong with me and that my thyroid function has NOTHING to due with the fact I can't drop these last 35 lbs and I've been stuck on a plateau for a whole year now. I finally had enough and 3 months of researching this dr in Norwich I decided to call him up and chat with him. The clinic was super sweet and booked me in for an appointment and said they most defiantly could help me. 

I had a very successful visit with my new dr and I walked away feel confident and pleased. He's given me a plan and I'm to follow it to a T for the next two week. He specializes in weight management but has extensive knowledge in people with thyroid conditions. I will officially start my new plan tomorrow and will be sharing it on our vlog on youtube (and yes I'm a completely slacker when it comes to my vlog but I'm getting back into it tomorrow...promise).  

My goal is to share my journey of healing, losing weight & living with this condition. 

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