Thursday, September 22, 2016

The MLM Jumper!

I see it popping up in my social media feeds daily…network marketers joining more than one company and then trying to promote them all at the same time.
I get it. You have this idea that if one MLM marketing opportunity is good, then two (three...four...) will be even better!! You decided you are going to work 2 (3....4...) companies at the same time, maybe you were in one and you went to a another business opportunity or saw a Facebook post for a ‘BRAND NEW opportunity’ or the next ‘BIG MIRACLE product’ that sounded good and you don’t want to miss out on.  
Maybe you’ve decided that if people don’t want to get on board with one company they can buy or join from the other. 
Maybe you think your 2 MLMs go together and compliment each other where people may want both services or products.
Wow genius, now you are going to double your income, recruit double the people and have double the chance you will succeed in at least one.  And, if you join every new company that looks good to you, you won’t miss out on the next big company!

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, it’s NOT going to work! As a matter of fact it will backfire in your face.

So let me be brutally honest here for a moment and break it down with 5 reasons why running multiply MLM companies will just lead you to failure.

1. When you are in more then one MLM companies and you are trying to work them all...It makes you look really unsuccessful

If one of your prospects knows that you are in multiply MLM businesses then they will probably be curious as to WHY. After all, if you were truly successful, why would you need to be involved in so many opportunities??? In other words, it makes you look like a giant flake that can NOT be trusted.

2. Isn’t the whole point of network marketing to create total time and financial freedom for yourself? How can you possibly expect to have freedom while running two or more different MLM companies? I have seen a few people on my Facebook feeds or posting in groups that are doing 4 or 5 different companies!! 

WOW! that’s got to be stressful! Think of all the different events and meetings – you have no time left in your day to enjoy your freedom because you have no freedom. 

You also will not create financial freedom because you have to keep hitting minimum sales goals or pay for autoships etc and splitting your advertising and marketing budgets. 

Why would you shoot yourself in the foot by spending the money you are trying to earn and “robbing Peter to pay Paul” to do that? Why would you take away the freedom of time you are creating for yourself and your family? 

Running a successful MLM business takes a lot of passion and time. If yours is divided over two, three, four or more businesses then how can you expect to dedicate the time and passion it takes for each one to be a success? The more likely scenario is that you do not have the time or passion to give to each business, which will probably cause them ALL to fail.

3. You always hear about duplication being key.  Guess what happens to your downline when you work multiple companies? Your downline will feel that they have to join another company like to be successful as well. Your downline won’t know which company to promote or join and might cross recruit between 2 companies with people getting confused and flipping back and forth. 

People eventually then see you as a weak leader with no commitment to your business or to your team. And, it won’t matter what you say, all your team will see is that you don’t believe the company is sustainable or why wouldn’t you be all in. 

If you are working at different companies then what is to stop your downline from doing the same? You want people in your downline that are motivated and focused on your business, but you can hardly blame them for seeking out multiple opportunities if you are doing the same thing. By showing dedication to one business your downline will see that you are loyal and will in turn show more loyalty to you. If they become disengaged your checks will reflect that – which is once again taking away from the purpose of network marketing – creating freedom for yourself.

4. You feel that you should build more than one business in case you company fails. 

Yeah I'm gonna stop you right there. If you join a company and happen to think "oh but what if the company fails, I should join another one just to be safe"...just do yourself a favor AND DO NOT JOIN THAT COMPANY!

Some will argue that you should have multiple streams of income. Well those people are a little bit confused by what that truly means. What it means is you do not want something that will interfere with your business nor take away the time you need to dedicate to that main source. More than one MLM is not multiple stream, multiple streams means things like adding affiliate links to your blog or producing eBooks or videos for purchase. Multiple streams of income should be ones that do NOT ever interfere with one another.

5. You can also send the wrong message to your upline and the company itself. The people “above” you (aka me, if you are apart of our team) in your MLM business will probably not be too happy when they find out that you are dividing your time and focus between multiple opportunities. 

In order for your upline (cough, cough me) to know you are committed you need to concentrate on one opportunity and work your business with you full heart. 

Most true leaders respect the downlines who work their business and set goals and they want to help those downlines accomplish those goals – they pour their own heart and soul into their business and their team. But leaders are less likely to continue to invest their time and efforts into someone who is not loyal to the team or the company they represent. 

Also do you think the company will give recognition to disloyal distributors or send referrals to you if your interests lie elsewhere?  UM NOOOOO. 

So, why would you give yourself anything less than the best opportunity to create that true freedom and success – doing multiple opportunities and pushing away your upline, downline, and/or your company you are basically ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’?

I don’t know why so many people think multiple opportunities will lead to bigger success. Its a failure in logic for so many reasons, the above being the most prominent of them. 
I mean think about it, you should be married to your business the way you are married to your spouse. Now I don’t know about you but for me ONE HUSBAND IS ENOUGH – could you imagine dedicating yourself to 2, 3 or more spouses? 
OH HECK NO! So why give less passion to your career than you would to your marriage? Five little businesses would very likely NOT earn you the same as one big business.
Look, no one said network marketing was easy, it’s not nor should it be. The opportunity we have here to live an incredibly amazing quality of life is a rare thing and it only comes to those who FOCUS on their success by helping others achieve success and that includes the success of the company.
There’s a learning curve and it DEMANDS you to focus and get good at it. 
Don’t do it – DO NOT join multiple MLM companies and try to promote them all. 
Be more decisive or one of those companies may make the decision for you by cutting your check.

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