Saturday, September 17, 2016

S**t happens, stop letting it hold you back!

Let’s be honest. We all go through shit. But when it happens to us, we feel like we’re the only one.

How often do we blame our current circumstances on our past? It’s easy right?
But wait…you’re story is different! Right?
Are you sure about that?

“I’m broke because I lost my job.”

“I’m overweight because my husband left me and I’m depressed.”

“I have trust issues because my dad left when I was 5.” 

We all go through something in our lives that we feel is horrible…and it usually is. But you are not alone!

I’m not trying to suggest that our past doesn’t hurt and it’s not significant. It is! Trust me I went through my share of trying moments.
I can’t sit here and say I grew up surrounded with bunnies and rainbows 24/7. I went through some shit that no one should go through. Having said that, I don’t look at my past and think “poor me.” While there were some very sad and challenging moments, overall I was (and am) so blessed!
Every obstacle that I’ve faced created the person sitting here today. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for all the lessons and experiences in my life, good and bad. I certainly didn’t see it that way while I was going through it. It took time.
Do I struggle from time to time with forgiveness? Yes. That would be a lie if I said no. I’m a work in progress too. But when you focus on gratitude for all that you do have, you get more of it. When you focus on lack and disappointment, you get more of that too. Choose wisely.
My request to you is to let your past be exactly that. Stop looking back, you’re not going that way. Refuse to let it hold you back from the great things you have yet to become. Refuse to let it keep you captive in misery. There is a bold, courageous woman side of you that could be so much more if you’d just let her – OUT!
Try this exercise. Who are you having trouble forgiving? Either call that person or if that’s just not possible, do this alone where you can focus.

Insert their name and say, “Jane Doe, I forgive you, I bless you and I release you.”

That may feel like a lie at first. That’s ok! It may feel wrong to forgive that person or bless them. Do it anyway! Honestly, it’s not about them. This is about you. This is about setting yourself free. Separate the power and hold they have on you. Let it go.
Is there someone you’ve been unable to forgive? Will you share in the comment section if you took part in the exercise above? You don’t have to give specifics if you don’t want. Just let me know if you’re ready to forgive, bless and release so you can move ON with your kick ass life!

If you know someone that’s struggling with forgiveness please remember to share this with them. Sharing is caring!


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