Monday, September 26, 2016

So I lied...

A while back I started a youtube channel and I was determined to start a family vlog. In Sunday's blog I even said I'd be back to vlogging starting today. Well I lied. 

I tried it and I did record video's from yesterday to upload for todays vlog but I'm just not feeling it. It actually kept me awake last night because I just couldn't decided if it was something I REALLY wanted to pursue. So I decided to meditated on it this morning and here is what I decided. 

I honestly just express myself better by writing rather than speaking but that's just 1 of many of my reasons...

1. You can go as fast as you wantThis is the number one reason why I prefer blogs over vlogs is that. One paragraph is boring? Move on to the next one. Blogger writes too much? I can only read the head titles, or look at the photos.  But you can't do that with YouTube videos. Sure, you can skip parts, but you have to make a guess and trust the YouTube is done with the part you're no longer interested in, and that you didn't miss anything too important.

2. Multitasking. I can write my posts while I'm watching a tv show, or listening to music. I sometimes even write posts on my phone while commuting. You try doing a vlog with a 4.5 yr old and 2 yr old running around screaming at each other. Yep my point exactly.

3. Writing posts whenever you want. When you want to film a video, you should be in a quite place, with daylight… Well, I write most of my posts from my couch while watching trashy tv after the kids are in bed. I like being able to write whenever I want. If my 2 & 4.5 yr old are quite in the morning and I get an idea for a blog post, I can just start working on it. I wouldn't be able to do that with a video.

4. Cute templates. I love designing my templates. (Which I'm working on a new one right now, hoping to have it up in a day or two.) And it would not give that up for anything. And I love visiting blogs and seeing all the different and beautiful blog designs, and, unfortunately, that's something youtubers don't have.

5. Not worrying about how I look. As I said, I write most of my posts at at night. In my pj's, with a messy bun, and no makeup. And I may not look my best like that it's just so comfortable! I would never film a video looking like that. 

6. Camera. I don't have a camera that's good enough for filming videos. I can barely take a decent photo for my blog posts.

7. Language. Ok, I get tongue tied often. My brain works a lot faster then my mouth and I end up stumbling over my words or stuttering. For this reason, I'm a lot more comfortable writing than speaking.
    Note: I obviously to watch YouTube videos, and I definitely did not mean to offend any YouTubers because I really do admire what they do. 

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