Friday, September 16, 2016

Oh Motivation where did you go???

What do you do when your motivation goes out the window or you hit a wall in business? These tips work for so many other areas of your life so if you don’t own a business…keep reading, sister.
I won’t blow sunshine up your cute little dress. It’s hard to push forward when you hit a major wall. As a military wife you learn to, “embrace the suck.” You have to apply that same concept to your business or big goals. Getting a business off the ground is like getting an airplane off the ground… with your feet. Losing 100 lbs takes the same focused intensity. 
It takes a shit ton of hard work and consistency. If you let a set back knock you down for too long you totally lose the momentum you worked very hard for so you have to work like hell to keep your feet on the ground and keep taking one step at a time. Not a big step. Just a step.
Not every day is glamorous. Somedays you’ll feel like a royal hot mess. But motivation is a muscle that you can choose to build and maintain. No luck involved.
The best way to get your groove back is start with some audio that inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. Go for a walk and listen to a great podcast or call a friend that will encourage you.
Movement creates momentum.
Remind yourself that every great business or accomplishment has had set backs. It’s an opportunity to reflect. You are one of the greats and someday your setback will inspire many to keep going.

Create an environment that inspires you to focus. Turn on soothing music, light a candle, sit on the patio at sunrise or sunset. Whatever it takes to create an inviting space to focus. If you’re trying to restart a fitness routine, put on your workout clothes and pull out the weights so they are visible and ready to go.
And just start. Again.
Because giving up isn’t an option. There is no plan B. You’re already all in. You’re a fighter. You’re an overcomer. You got this, babe.
Here are a few additional steps you can take to get your mojo back:
1. Watch your mother Fing mouth. (Kidding…kinda.) You can literally speak life or death into your dreams. There’s a huge difference when you say, “I’ll try…” vs. “I will…..” or “I hope…” vs “I can….”

2. Take a step back to see what’s not working. Sometimes we hit roadblocks because it’s time to reinvent ourselves or to step up our game. Taking a BREIF step back, gives you perspective. Then get right back into the game.

3. Stop, drop and meditate. Don’t worry. This isn’t a perfect process. I’m a squirrel when I meditate. Just focus on getting quiet and visualize ideas flowing easily to you. Don’t judge your thoughts. Just be still. This decreases stress and increases creativity.

4. Set an action based goal and reward. Example: If you pre-plan and write 4 blog posts and schedule them > you’ll treat yourself to a pedicure. (With a mimosa on top.)

5. Create a playlist full of music that inspires you. Some of my favorite songs are:

Remember, the longer you wait to restart the harder it gets. Pull the f#$king bandaid off and just get the ball rolling. 

Action cures fear. Movement creates momentum.

Just. Start.

Do you have any tips that help you create motivation? Share them in the comments below! #Sharingiscaring


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