Thursday, September 29, 2016


The look…

...that you get occasionally when you talk about meditation.
I am a perfectionist and with that comes stress and awful anxiety!
I promised myself that 2016 would be my year for self care.
I started mediation consistently every morning in mid August 
and I seriously can’t imagine ever going back!
Do you meditate or are you curious?

It’s a technique… not necessarily a spiritual practice. You can incorporate it into your spiritual practices but otherwise you can use it to quiet the chaos. (And we all have a LOT of chaos don’t we?)
It reduces stress, gives mental clarity, reduces anxiety 
and is just pure AWESOMESAUCE in my book!
I have felt so calm and clear since I started taking it seriously. I’ve only been doing it for 5-20 min in the AM and it sets such a KILLER vibe for the rest of my day! 
My productivity is THROUGH THE ROOF friends!
I’ve meditated in the past but it was a “here and there” practice.
I have no doubt that the rest of 2016 is going to be amazing and that 2017 is going to be the best year of my life and I credit that to me putting me first… 
so that I can show up in a bigger and more audacious way for those around me.
What do you think? Woo woo or awesomesauce?
What’s one thing you’re going to do for YOU this year? Comment below, I want to know!

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