Sunday, September 18, 2016

Check out this Kick Ass Mom CEO!

Mindy Wender, a friend and fellow coach has been featured on Beachbody’s website as a coach financial success story. What blows me away isn’t the amount of money she makes. It’s what this company has truly done for her life.
As long as I’ve known her she’s referred to life before coaching as, “Stressed, frustrated and broke as a joke.” That’s an understatement.
As a mom we look forward to first moments with our kids. First crawl. First step. Mindy missed those moments because she was at her office job.

Check out her journey from $18,000 annually to making that in ONE week. Way to represent Mindy!

This woman is one of the most endearing, humble and amazing women I’ve ever met. I’ve looked up to her since day one of start my business and I still look to her for guidance and leadership. I’m blessed to have her as a leader and more blessed to call her a friend.
(If you’re curious about what it takes to become a coach contact me asap to find out if I have spots available in my next internship. Coaching details can be found here.)

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