Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Call me an idiot...

Two blog posts in one day...girl must have lost her mind.


I just have a lot to say today.

So I log on to check my messages. I see a couple Happy Birthdays messages from sweet friends, some messages from clients, a few from new friends and one that has the word "idiot" in it. So of course I open it because I'm intrigued. I reached out to said person and said "hello, how are you doing on this fine labor day?" Which said person replied back with "geta job you idiot" <--- yes just like that.

Of course my defenses went up and I wanted to reply back with a "Fuck off you lovely cunt!" But I refrained. Instead I replied back with this "Um okay. I was just trying to start a conversation but whatever. I don't need negative people like you in my life. And just so you know I have a real job. One that I'm positive pays more then yours and I'm able to be home with our children and travel. But ya know I'm the idiot. Have a blessed life."

It always blows me away how rude some people can be. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I don't know who sandpapered her toilet this morning to put her in such a foul mood but I'm hope she gets the fuck over her royal bitchiness. I honestly feel sad for her. She must live in a world of hate and anger. She probably just needs some personal development, a hug, some chocolate, a glass of wine and maybe a good orgasm and she'd be a little better.

Honestly it isn't the first time someone has told me to get a real job. Which always leaves me a bit confused. You mean to tell me what I do is make believe and not real?!?! Well crap on a cracker!

Psh! How about you shut up and listen to me before running your mouth and make assumptions about what I do for a living.

I used to work real jobs. I worked at Sonic Drive-In, McDonalds, Cleaning Company cleaning houses, Telemarketing, Nanny, Child Care Teacher and the list goes on. And then one day I quit those "REAL jobs" and became a Beachbody Coach. Just because YOUR IDEAL of a "REAL JOB" is leaving the house and working 9-5 doesn't mean that's my ideal.

As a Coach, I work my ass off for my paychecks just like I did at every other "REAL job" I've worked. But now I am in charge of determining how big that paycheck is! I earn an income solely based on MY TIME & EFFORT. And the BEST PART is all that time and effort that I've worked hard to put in pays off in the long run residually, so I can take a day off here and there and PLAY! I don't have to have a "real" 9-5 schedule, I don't have a "real" dress code or boss to report to.

I build my business completely on social media...FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE. Shocking I know. But I get to be 100% me, unapologetically ME! What you see is what you get! My coworkers have became more like family then coworkers. I get to stay home with our children and spend the day at the zoo if we choose to. We travel when we want to. And all of this freedom is because I took this "non-real job". Hmmm. So who's the idiot now?! Joking joking, no one is an idiot you just are uneducated on what I do for a living.

But for you haters out there who want to tell other Beachbody Coaches "to get a real job" stop and listen to how its changed their lives first. Because I guarantee you after you hear their story, you will want to join this "NON-REAL JOB" too.

I'm sorry if you don't like me and get angry over the honest things I say but this is my real life. This opportunity has been nothing but amazing for me and my family. Instead of being so judgmentally of others and what they do for a living why don't you ask them and learn more about it. Being so uptight and judgement may leave you missing out on something fabulous.


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